'What is this? Several blog posts with less than several months between post times? Quick Jeeves! Pass me the smelling salts!'.

So, a few weeks a go I reached that stage of boredom where I was like, 'You know what, I'll get the sewing machine out' (boredom level: extreme). I was planning on hemming a skirt, which I eventually did but it went all weird so I then spent about 2 hours unpicking what I'd sewn. What I did instead was something that I was planning on making for my niece for Christmas but never did. I'd bought some beautiful scraps of material from the charity I volunteer at, and had intended to make some stuffed letters in her name for her bedroom. 

The more I thought about, I came to the conclusion a 4 year old would probably appreciate some toys and clothes more. And so my creative plan didn't come into fruition until recently.

And then as I sat down at my sewing machine, it hit me: why don't I take lots of pictures and make a blog post about it so that if someone reaches equal levels of boredom as I did that dark, autumnal evening, they can make something similar.

So, I set out to make a big, squishy letter A, as that is the letter that my name begins with. I've never written my name on here, but the title of this blog is a song by Yeasayer, and my initials 'ALP'. Clever, huh?! Hahaa..

The first thing that I did was to fold my material in half, inside out, and lay it flat. I then pinned along the open edge (that opposite the fold) to make sure that the material stayed in place.

I then took a white crayon (I used a watercolour crayon because that was the only white pencil I had that showed up on the material, but you could use haberdashers chalk or anything that takes your fancy) and sketched out the shape that I wanted. I then drew the shape in bold to make the final shape stand out more.


I then figured out what sides I could sew so that I was still able to turn it the right-way-round. I began by sewing along the top of the 'A' and down one of the sides, and then sewed down the other side. 


I then cut around the shape so that I could turn the 'A' the "right-way-round". Then I cut from the centre of the hole in the middle to the corners of the middle bit (if this makes sense), so that these could be tucked in when it was turned out. I then cut diagonally to all all of other 'corners' that would need to be sewed when the letter was turned out. 


I then turned it the right way round, and you can see that the letter is starting to take shape.


Now for the most difficult bit...
For the flaps (haha, can't keep a straight face at the word anymore) in the hole in the middle of the 'A', fold them in and iron them (or use straighteners as I did as they're smaller), which will help when it comes to sewing. It might be easier if you fold and iron them when the letter is inside out. Then you need to fold them in and sew along as close to the edge as possible.

It may be easier to stuff the letter as you go along, otherwise it will be increasingly difficult to push the stuffing in to place. I used polyester stuffing. You can buy this from craft shops or home shops, but I had an old pillow that needed chucking out, so I opened that up and used some of the stuffing from that. Creativity + recycling= awesome.

Basically, you just need to keep tucking in the folded edges and sewing them shut and keep stuffing. Then you should end up with something like this...


Now I presume you could do any letter of the alphabet or any shape. I've considered doing an 'L' and 'P' to go with this one but honestly I couldn't be bothered!


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